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Mileseey P7-200m Laser Distance Meter Mileseey P7-200

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Measuring Range: 200m±2mm measuring accuracyunits: mm/ in/ ftfunctions: Volume/Area calculation, Continuous, Maximum, Minimum, Height,Single Point measurement, Addition/Subtraction, Auto Lev...
Measuring Range: 200m
±2mm measuring accuracy
units: mm/ in/ ft
functions: Volume/Area calculation, Continuous, Maximum, Minimum, Height,
Single Point measurement, Addition/Subtraction, Auto Level, Auto Height, Pythagoras(2-3point)
Tilt sensor slope, ±3°, Point to Point (P2P),
Bluetooth 4.0, USB Data Export,
4x Zoom Camera Point Finder, Touch Screen, 3D Point to Point Technology
100 Value Point Storage, Rechargeable Battery

When you are taking measurements up to 30m or further, the laser spot can hardly be visible.It's impossible to measure distance to a specified point accurately.With the help of 2-million pixel Camera and 4X zoom in P7, you can easily locate the right target right on the screen, and then simply press THE measure button to record the distance. Measuring up to 100m is just as convenient as measuring to 10m.

There are many applications, such as to measure the width of a billboard, or to measure between one point with another point, which are separated by a river, or two inaccessible points, but you ask for a quick, accurate, and safe solution of measurement.Then on the earth, Mileseey 3D measurement technology is the only choice. Simply take two distance measurements to one point, and move the LDM to take the measurement to the second point, the distance between these two points will be automatically and instantly displayed on screen.

Laser distance measure is no longer a measuring device only, it's a floor planner.Extend to an unlimited boundary, an App for iOS or Android smartphone receives distance output from LDM via Bluetooth and generates a floor plan.This is just one case, what other surprises you CAN imagine?

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