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Mileseey K3 Laser Distance Meter 100m Mileseey K3

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Measurement Range:100mMeasurement Accuracy:±1.5mmUnit: m/ ft/ in/ ft+inHistorical memory: 1000 recordsSingle Distance MeasurementContinuous MeasurementMin/Max Distance TrackingArea- Volume C...
Measurement Range:100m
Measurement Accuracy:±1.5mm
Unit: m/ ft/ in/ ft+in
Historical memory: 1000 recordsSingle Distance Measurement
Continuous Measurement
Min/Max Distance Tracking
Area- Volume Calculations
Indirect measurement using Pythagoras
Addition/Subtraction Measurement

Bluetooth wireless data transfer: Do more things with less settings. Onboard Bluetooth module transfers data from Rock K3 to computers, cellphones and tablets simply and accurately. Let you do the rest of the job on Excel or Word. Rock K3’s data transfer is simple, productive, and paperless, no extra software is needed. Enjoy a traditional device with modern user experiences.

mOS (measuring Operating System) in color display Specially designed, especially compatible. mOS is specially designed for laser distance meters, integrated with frequently-used auxiliary tools, and graphic interface, Bluetooth, it is perfectly compatible with Rock K3, making this device a real smart HLDM.

P65 waterproof.Perfect the good one.The definition of perfect is, you can not add one more thing to the product you are already in love. Rock K3 is just the perfect laser distance meter, it deserves your love at any condition, and perfectly accomplish your mission no matter how and where you use it.

Covered by soft rubber.Get hands on, feel the top-level comfort. Every inch your finger can reach is rubber paint. Every time your finger can feel is comfort. The top-class rubber paint materials and injection technology ensured an incredible touch feeling. K3’s sleek, soft and adhesive enclosure set up the second benchmark for such a delightful experiences.

Enhanced robustness. Save worries, work your way. The beautiful ravines on the two sides of K3’s body, was beautifully designed for skid resistance and buffering. It’s not easy to drop, and it’s not easy to break. The soft rubber is not only beautiful, but also useful, when it buffers impact and protect the components inside. And LCD cover lens saves the display from the impart also.

Multi-purpose end-piece. Make better measurements where you go.The end-piece is called multi-purpose end-piece because of its multifunction. Measuring in corners, in gaps, in aperture or from wet floor, mussy surface, the end-piece is always helpful. Which means, multi-piece assists K3 to measures distance to most of inaccessible positions and get the right data with no need of any other tools.

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