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Wokin 18pcs Insulated Hand Tools Set WOKIN 569918

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200mm insulated dipped combination pliers;160mm insulated dipped long nose pliers;160mm insulated dipped diagonal cutting pliers;160mm insulated dipped wire stripping pliers;Insulated slotte...
200mm insulated dipped combination pliers;
160mm insulated dipped long nose pliers;
160mm insulated dipped diagonal cutting pliers;
160mm insulated dipped wire stripping pliers;
Insulated slotted screwdrivers:
0.4×2.5x75mm; 0.8×4.0x100mm; 1.0×5.5x125mm;
Insulated phillips screwdrivers:
PH0x60mm; PH1x80mm; PH2x100mm;
Insulated open end spanners:
10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 17mm, 19m;
3.0x70mm voltage tester;
50x180mm cable knife;
250mm insulated adjustable wrench;
VDE/GS certificated
Manufactured according to EN60900
Packed strong plastic box with EVA inside
One box Packing: color sleeve with shrink

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